In all of life’s occurrences, there stands a lesson to be learned. Like the end of a truly cheesy 80s sitcom, there will be a moral to the story somehow with every undertaking. For example, if you steal something, the lesson you’ll most likely learn when the cops come a-knocking is that stealing is wrong. Or, let’s say, you kick a dog who’s laying in your assigned parking space. You’ll quickly discover that kicking a dog is a horrible decision, especially when he shows up with a pack of his buddies the next day and bites your windshield wipers off.

At least, that’s how that lesson would be drilled home if you kicked a dog in Chongqing, China.


Photographed by a neighbor, the dog who’d been wronged is depicted going after not only the windshield wipers, but biting the body of the car too. Can you imagine if you got up in the morning and your car was trashed, only to find out that a pack of disgruntled dogs had done it? You would most likely never believe it without photographic evidence.

Thankfully, this guy has the kind of neighbor that, when faced with a crime in progress, stands by to document the whole thing for you – as opposed to putting any kind of stop to it. After all, the guy who owns the car is an admitted dog kicker, the neighbor probably found the whole revenge thing pretty hilarious. In case you can’t tell, we did too.


“These tires don’t seem to have enough room. I’ll just widen this wheel well a little.”

“Hey Joey, I think someone’s coming…nope, it was just a bird. Carry on.”

“We’ll just see how excited you are to park your car now that’s it’s been detailed on ‘Bite My Ride.’”

“Heh heh heh, try to drive in the rain now ya jerk face.”

All image source: Daily Mail