There are over 70 million stray animals living in the United States. Sadly, only around six to eight million of these animals will ever find their way into the shelter system and find forever homes. Thankfully, there are many kind people working to help stray animals find forever homes. Just take this compassionate woman, for example.

When Reddit user CheddaWizzy came across an abandoned kitten in North Philadelphia, she did not hesitate to take the little cat in and help nurse him back to health.

CheddaWizzy explains that she found the kitten all alone, meowing on the top of a staircase outdoors. She believes that the mother cat had left the kitten on the stairs, but he was too small to get down the stairs on his own, so he had been stranded for an indefinite period of time.

CheddaWizzy brought the kitten inside and wrapped him in towels. The poor kitten was covered with fleas. 

The kitten’s belly was covered with dried blood from all the flea bites, so the first task was getting this little guy a bath.

Because he was so small, he needed to be bottle fed by his rescuers. It is a difficult task, but with a face like this, who wouldn’t be willing to take it on!

The kitten was right at home with his rescuer’s adult cat. Everyone could use a good nap buddy!

After three weeks, the kitten was strong enough for his rescuers to start looking for a forever home for him. They could probably tell he was ready for this next step when he learned to surf the web…

CheddaWizzy writes that she wishes she could have kept the little guy, but they were able to find him a good home in Delaware.

It was tough to say good bye, but you can tell from this look of anticipation that the kitten was thrilled to meet his new family. Good luck!


All image source: Imgur