Meet Elsie! This poor girl was all alone with nowhere to go and ended up at Jennifer’s doorstep, crying out and desperate for help. Jennifer brought her into her home and looked for a microchip but couldn’t find one. She gave her food and water and noticed that her canine tooth was causing her pain. Poor Elsie was also missing a couple of teeth which could have been related to a possible injury.

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After treating Elsie for fleas and bathing her, Jennifer noticed something unusual about her belly. She suspected that she could be pregnant, and upon visiting the vet and receiving an ultrasound, it turns out that her suspicions were correct! The vet said about three or four babies are growing in her belly. It’s heartbreaking to think about all that Elsie has had to endure alone. Between her pregnancy, her injured tooth, and trying to survive in the wild, she has been through a lot and is happy that she has someone to care for her.

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Elsie’s rescuer has officially found her a permanent foster home where she will receive the best care as she welcomes her babies into the world!

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Jennifer stresses the importance of TNR. “TNR” stands for “Trap, Neuter, Release,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s the process of humanely trapping feral cats, neutering (or spaying) them, and then releasing them back into their colonies where they were originally trapped.

Each year more than 2.7 million animals are euthanized in shelters every year in the United States because they are not adopted into loving homes. More than half of those animals are cats, and the majority of those cats are due to unwanted litters. If you know of a feral cat colony that could benefit from a TNR program – or if you’d like to volunteer to help feral cats – you can track down a TNR program by contacting your local animal shelter.

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Keep up with Elsie and the other rescues on Instagram and TikTok!

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