The condition that animals live in on factory farms are dismal, at best. Treated solely as commodities, male calves are quarantined to veal crates where they will live for a few weeks until they are sent to slaughter. Breeding pigs live similarly constrained in gestation crates, most pigs raised in this manner never even get to see their tails because they can’t turn around.

For any animal lover this is a hard reality to face, so animal advocates world over have set out to have these cruel crates banned from the industry. Most recently, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is joining the fight to end the use of veal and gestation crates in the state of Massachusetts.

In a statement to the Humane Society if the United States, Tyler explains that his band, Aerosmith was formed in Massachusetts, making this issue on that is close to his heart. Tyler notes that Massachusetts is, “known for being ahead of the curve on important progressive issues,” and he is in full support of the new legislation, “S.2232, a critical bill that would ban the extreme confinement of animals used for food.”

As Tyler states, “veal crates and gestation crates cause unspeakable suffering and with the success of crate-free environments, they are proven unnecessary.”

Alexis Fox, the Massachusetts state director of HSUS explains that the bill is, “supported by a broad coalition of farmers, veterinarians, public health experts, chefs, environmental protection organizations, animal lovers and Steven Tyler.”

To learn more about the bill and what you can do to see this legislation passes, click here

Image source: Wikimedia Commons