Whenever an animal manages to survive appalling illness, cruelty or neglect, against all odds, and even manages to come back stronger than before, it gladdens our hearts. While Spirit Golden Heart – the Pit Bull whose shocking story is featured in this article – has not yet regained her full strength, she is slowly but surely recovering from her ordeal on the streets of Los Angeles, thanks to the kind folk of the Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation (GRFF).

As soon as they were notified of her condition by a concerned passer-by, some of the GRFF team, in collaboration with local volunteers and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), mounted an urgent rescue operation.


Spirit was in a dire condition.

 Starving, tick-ridden, and close to death, she had no strength to move on her own. This picture was taken on Aug. 1, and clearly displays just how ill she was at that time.

The first step in her treatment was the removal of all ticks and maggots from her skin.

 However, she remained incredibly weak, and it was difficult for her to stand upright for more than a few seconds at a time.

Spirit even had to be carried outside to “go use the potty”, as her swollen joints prevented her from walking more than a few feet.

With a lot of care and attention, in addition to a special diet, her red blood cell count gradually began to rise.

 Veterinarians are continuing to run tests on Spirit to find out how to best treat her swollen joints. While this plucky girl still has a long way to go before she’s out of the woods, she is in safe hands and continues to regain her strength day by day.


You can help Spirit by making a donation to GRFF, which will assist in covering the cost of her care. Let’s hope she feels completely better very soon!

All image source: ViralNova