There are a few tell-tale signs that give away whether or not a person is a die-hard dog lover. They never leave the house without a pocket full of dog treats and their phone background is a picture of their dog (s), but the biggest giveaway is likely the dog at their side.

Dog lovers never pass up a chance to share their love for their pup with the world, which is why your social media feed was probably chock-full of puppy pictures yesterday. In case you missed it, this year’s National Puppy Day celebration went off with wagging tails and flying frisbees all across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


We couldn’t help but to notice that a number of our favorite celebrities joined in the puppy-lovin’ fun as well. Hey, whether you’re famous or not, no human has the ability to resist the face of an adorable pup. So check out some of these starlets and their four-legged co-stars.

Zac Efron might be a teen heartthrob, but to his dog, he’s just the guy with the treats.


We can understand why Ariana Grande likes her dogs more than most people after looking at that face.

Holy mother of cuteness overload!

He might try to convince the world he’s tough, but deep down Justin Bieber’s just a big softy.

Seriously, could we love Betty White any more?

What a babe! Oh hey, there’s Kate Upton too.


And cue simultaneous *swoon.*

We wish every canvas tote back came accompanied with a puppy…

We know who the real star in this photo is.

Yes, she got all dolled up just to celebrate National Puppy Day.

And, of course, the biggest celeb of them all had to join in on the fun!


It doesn’t have to be National Puppy Day for you to share your undying love for your pup with the world, Green Monsters. We want to see your beloved four-legged besties, share your pics in the comments!