The great trend of big brands utilizing recycled materials to make footwear continues – and this time, it is taking an interplanetary turn. Star Wars and London-based shoemaker Po-Zu have collaborated on a new exciting project, a Limited-Edition High-Top Silver Resistance Sneaker – and the best part is, it is fully vegan and made out of discarded pineapple leaves.

The sneakers, made under license with Lucasfilm and Disney, are handmade in Portugal and made out of Piñatex, an alternative to leather made of pineapple leaves, and silver woven linen.


According to the manufacturer, the limited production run will be 1,000 pairs of the shiny vegan shoes and each of them will be stamped with a unique number on the tongue’s lining.


Star Wars fans have the chance to pre-order a pair on Po-Zu’s website – the shoes are going to be made to order in the customer’s size and delivered soon after they are handcrafted in October 2017.

“We go the extra mile to make our shoes ethically and sustainably so you can wear them with clear conscience from dawn till dusk,” Sven Segal, founder of Po-Zu, told Inhabitat. “We want them to be comfortable, collectable, and wearable. This sneaker has all of that and more. I love that it is vegan, too.”


Making the special sneaker environmentally-friendly and vegan is a great way to introduce new and wide audiences to the idea of crafting items out of recycled materials obtained in a way that’s both sustainable and harmless to wildlife and people!

To pre-order the sneaker, click here.

All image source: Po-Zu