Last week, the Dallas Safari Club announced its ridiculous move to auction off a permit to hunt one of Namibia’s critically endangered rhinos, whose population numbers just 1,800.


The announcement quickly enraged animal lovers and conservationists of all kinds and fired up media platforms like crazy. The issue even got a six minute spot on the Colbert Report. (The must-watch clip from the show can be found right here.)

To counter the Dallas Safari Club’s permit auction, which is estimated to raise $750,000 and is planned to be given to Namibia’s Game Products Trust Fund, an activist from Texas named Ashley Nichole has set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe with a goal of raising $800,000 for the black rhino.

“The easiest argument for why using a permit to kill one of these animals is that solely using money as a means of protecting the lives of any species is not the answer to attain long-term victory. The killing of an animal such as this brings no merit to the cause and only serves as a frivolous prize to the person who felt that their cold deed was a triumph. Conservation efforts need to be done with genuine sympathy for the cause,” Nichole’s campaign page reads.

Currently, the fundraising campaign has raised $215 out of the hefty $800,000 goal. There are 59 days left until the campaign is over.


To support Namibia’s black rhinos, visit Nichole’s campaign page to donate and to share among family, friends and social media followers.

Image source: Derek Keats / Flickr