The world is full of surprises and beauty that will leave you breathless. More and more often an individual’s experience with nature is caught on camera and shared with the world via the Internet. When videos like the one below are shared online, we’re all lucky to experience such a beautiful scene.

A young man took a dive off the coast of  Mozambique on the eastern coast of Africa recently. It was a dive he’s done before and prefers because of the diversity of marine life which is evident in the video. Below is the underwater video he shot and it’s absolutely spectacular.


The video features an amazing scene of dolphins, fish, and hammerhead sharks. You won’t believe the amount of hammerhead sharks that swim by this diver. It’s truly a spectacular moment to experience. Like the diver says in his narration, it’s nice to see such a large number of sharks present even with the treat of shark finning constantly looming.