Slow lorises are among the unfortunate animals who can be found on critically endangered species list. Frightfully often, they fall prey to poachers and traders who attempt to sell them for profit. Slow lorises face the risk of disappearing completely from the face of Earth as a species if we don’t take action towards putting an end to illegal wildlife trade.

Recently, the International Animal Rescue team saved twenty-seven of these incredible animals. The lorises were caught by poachers and ripped out of their natural habitat to be sold as pets. Fortunately, they were confiscated by the police and transferred to the rescue, while the traders got arrested.


The group of lorises consists of twenty-five adults and two juveniles. Sadly, the new-born baby who had also been a part of the group, didn’t survive the journey.

The rescue team is currently working hard to provide the lorises with everything they need to survive, including necessary medical care.

Right after the rescue, the animals were dehydrated and some of them suffered from eye infections.

The animal’s psychological state is also critically important since an experience of this kind is always very traumatic. Could you imagine being forcefully taken out of their natural home and put in a completely new, stressful situation?

With the help of the team of caretakers and vets, hopefully, these beautiful animals will get back to health very soon.



In the light of this situation, the International Animal Rescue team desperately needs support. A fantastic way to help the organization and the rescued lorises is to donate – just five dollars can help the organization get one syringe with nutrients and vitamins that the lorises need. Click here to find out how to donate and help the lorises.

All image source: International Animal Rescue