Six-year-old Harrison Daley is proving that even the youngest people can make the biggest impact on helping save our planet. Harrison has made it his goal to combat plastic pollution on beaches, particularly near his home in Mornington Peninsula, Australia, and it doesn’t seem he will be stopping anytime soon!

On the Facebook page set up for his mission, Harrison invites others to join him on regular beach cleanups, stating, “Hi, I’m Harrison. I’m 6 years old and I want to protect our marine and land animals from all the rubbish that’s left behind from our laziness! I clean the beach every time I go and I would love some help! I can arrange a beach clean up once a month for volunteers to come down and help out. Thank you, Harrison.”


Harrison’s parents, who help run his page, explain that this mission is entirely his idea and they are simply fostering his passion. How cute is he in his beach cleanup outfit!?

As if he wasn’t already doing a ton to save the oceans, Harrison also raised an impressive $1,030 for Sea Shepherd and was awarded the opportunity to join the crew onboard earlier this month. Way too cool!

This awesome green crusader is an inspiration to us all. Go, Harrison, go!


To follow Harrison’s heroic work and find out how you can join him, visit the Facebook page set up for his crusade.

Plastic pollution is one of the absolute most pressing problems plaguing the planet, especially our oceans. Plastic waste is such an epidemic that it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. Animals regularly ingest or get tangled in plastic, and images of animals filled with plastic waste are hard to unsee. Plastic never disappears, and even when it breaks down, it turns into microplastics, which also seriously harm wildlife and our ecosystem.


To learn how you can help decrease your plastic usage, check out the One Green Planet #CrushPlastic campaign. And remember to share this with your friends and family and encourage them to crush plastic along with you!

All Image Source: Mornington volunteer beach clean up — Harrison’s crusade/Facebook