Ever thought to yourself, “I should totally be on camera?”

Do you have something important to say?


Then, we want you!!


We want you to send us a video about why you choose to eat plant-based (i.e. #EatForThePlanet) and more importantly, all the amazing things you’re doing in your neck of the woods to spread the word. For example, are you a….

  • Student: Helping to bring plant-based food choices/“Meatless Mondays” to your school or community?
  • Artist: Performing in a band or creating art that inspires others to eat less meat?
  • Entrepreneur: Own a vegan restaurant or food business?
  • Chef/Baker: A vegan baker/cook/chef that uses food activism as a tool for change?
  • Employed at a sustainable food business: Working at a food business that creates plant-based foods/meatless meats/vegan cheese or other sustainable food products?
  • Researcher/Activist: Working with or volunteering for a group that investigates factory farms/runs campaigns to raise awareness about the power of plant-based food choices?
  • Author/Blogger: Writing a book or a blog that promotes a plant-based diet?
  • Nutritionist/Physician: Helping people cut down on meat and choose more nutritious plant-based foods?
  • Wannabe farmer: Involved in local or community farming?
  • Social butterfly: Organizing or participating in a club/meet up group that focuses on the environment and food via vegan potlucks and other gatherings?
  • … or inspiring your community to choose plant-based foods and eat for the planet in other ways?

If you’re nodding now, we want you – nay – we NEED you to send us a video about it.

Don’t worry, you won’t need a fancy hair and make-up crew

Quick Meme


Here are the fun details….SO READ CAREFULLY!

  • You must be in your teens or twenties/early thirties (today’s youth!).
  • We prefer the candidates are located in Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT) so we can come and interview you and see first hand where all the magic happens.
  • Send and email to [email protected] with the subject “My #EatForThePlanet story: First Name Last Name” detailing the following:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Phone Number
    • City/State
    • Short description of past and upcoming ways you’re inspiring your community to switch to a plant-based diet. Be specific! Example – what meetings or performances do you have planned to make change?
    • A short video clip no longer than one minute (yes, you can use your cell phone…no fancy equipment needed) in which you answer the following  – What are your thoughts on the impact of animal agriculture on the environment? What are you doing to inspire others to #EatForThePlanet?

Again, don’t just rely on the list above! If you’re doing something awesome to spread the plant-based word, we want your video all up in here!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get ready to say LIGHTS, CAMERA… ACTION!

Lead image source: Business Insider