Save Elephant Foundation has rescued and given a home to a beautiful elephant who spent years of her precious life working in the trekking industry in Pattaya, Thailand. The elephant, Bua Keaw, is over 70 years old was being used to carry tourists every day. Thankfully, she has been given a better life and is thriving in her new environment.

The Foundation team learned about Bua Keaw from some of the mahouts working in the tourist camp. “They told us that an old elephant with one eye blind and the other failing, still had to work transporting people all day with a saddle on her back. A long day would leave her so tired, moving slowly with little energy for that employment,” the team wrote.

The man responsible for Bua Keaw was looking to sell her since her work was no longer satisfactory to his standards. She served 18 years under her current “owner” and, in the past, had worked many years as a logging elephant in the Lampang region.

Bua Keaw is blind in her left eye and does not see very well with the other. She has a few abscesses and moves slowly. “I would describe her as depressed,” shared rescuer Darrick Thomson. Ten years ago, she also lost a baby at birth due to unknown circumstances, but most likely because of her age.

The ellie was transported to her new home in a special truck. “Even though many decades pass from a more appropriate time, today she will have a glimpse of a life that she always deserved to experience, free from fear and harm and hopefully soon in the life-giving embrace of her own kind,” the team shared.




“Throughout any given year, there are those people who are ardent animal lovers who send to us an ever-growing list of elephants who need to be released from their work,” the Save Elephants Foundation team explained. “We wish to help them all, but our land and facilities are limited by size and numbers. If we had more land, to be sure, we would rescue many more. As it is, we take into our fold the ones identified by immediate need.”

After years of hard work and waiting, Bua Keaw is finally beginning her new life. The rescue is looking for more information about Bua Keaw’s past to better understand what she had gone through and how to best help her now. But the most important thing at the moment is to focus on giving this precious animal all the best care she can get – and her new caretakers are making sure the rest of her years will be the best yet.

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All image source: Save Elephant Foundation/Facebook