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There’s a reason why Bob Barker always reminds us to spay or neuter our pets. It’s more than just a catchphrase — in the United States, 2.7 million pets are euthanized every year due to limited shelter space. It’s a sad fact, but we can help. By adopting a shelter pet, not only do we get to go home with our new best friend, but we also free up space in the shelter for new animals.

Unfortunately, because most families tend to adopt puppies and young dogs, senior dogs are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. But no matter what their age, dogs are sweet, loving, and amazing companions who deserve love just as much as a puppy. That’s why it warms our hearts to see happy adoption stories for older dogs.

Just look at this photo of Diggy Smalls, a senior Chihuahua whose human posted a picture on her Instagram of her one year adoption anniversary celebration, complete with a rockin’ homemade doggy cake (made with a One Green Planet recipe). 



Senior dogs make great companions because unlike puppies, most of them are already housetrained and they understand how to be polite around humans. They’ve also lost that mile-a-minute puppy energy, but they’re still just as affectionate and appreciative that they get to spend their life with you.

Literally, they might be angels and they deserve to be treated like one.

We can’t express how happy we are to see Diggy in a loving home with a big, comfy bed instead of a shelter. Seriously, how great is this bed?



We’re glad that Diggy found the forever home where she gets to live how all dogs deserve to: like royalty.

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 All image source: therealdiggysmalls/Instagram