Senior dogs make wonderful companions. They’re wise (they learned to pee outside years ago, after all), they have a more mellow attitude (it’s always a good time for a nap, ammiright?) and they are loyal to boot. Anyone who has adopted a senior dog knows how charming these animals can be. Sadly, a lot of people treat the process of welcoming a companion animal into their home as a shopping experience and are always looking for the cutest and youngest pups. This leaves lovable and deserving senior dogs in shelters where they can become unbearably lonely. Thankfully, there are people out there who are willing to give a senior dog a chance.

Take Julie Docherty, who has not one, but four senior chihuahuas. MoMo, Choli, Paloma, and Benito spend their days eating, napping, sunbathing, and just making the most of their golden years. These guys have gotten pretty used to their way of life but recently, their world was rocked when Julie arrived home with a mysterious bundle of fur in her arms –  a kitty! At less than a month old, this kitten, now named Rosita, was unsurprisingly full of energy and ready to play.


The quad-squad was a little wary of Rosita at first, but before no time they were hangin’ out like they had been together their whole lives. Meet the crew! It may take you a second to locate Rosita, but keep looking, she’s there! 

Julie didn’t just adopt Rosita, though. She actually saved her. Some people had been tossing the innocent creature around and Julie knew she had to take in this little kitty and give her a better life. She’s definitely in better hands… err paws … now.

Rosita gets the pups to play… 

…Paloma teaches her the art of laying… 

It’s a pretty special relationship. 

Rosita has gotten so close to the pups that sometimes it’s hard to even tell them apart! 

Sometimes they switch beds… 

…or just lay together on the fuzzy carpet… 

How ever they choose to chill, one thing is for sure: a crew that naps together, stays together! We hope these guys are able to enjoy many happy years in each other’s company. 



Although this tiny kitten still has to recover from her tumultuous start to life, it looks like she’ll at least be able to do it with her chihuahua grandparents. Good luck, Rosita!

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All image source: jemandthemisfits/Instagram