There is so much beauty to experience in this world, but something we would definitely suggest adding to your bucket list is the hatching of baby turtles! The video above, posted on the Disappearing Island Facebook page, is a small glimpse into the awe and wonder of this heartwarming event. This hatching occurred at Isle of Palms in South Carolina, which is known for its beaches and sea turtle nests. As you can imagine, the adorable spectacle delighted beachgoers with some even helping to redirect a few who went astray.

Besides being adorable, the whole process of birthing sea turtles is quite amazing! Female turtles actually return to the nesting grounds where they were born to lay eggs. She can lay up to 150 eggs every couple of years; however, only a few will reach adulthood. It’s estimated that only one out of one thousand hatchlings will make it! Sadly, even the few that do make it are still in “hot water,” largely as a result of plastic pollution. Fifty percent of sea turtles have been found to have plastic in their stomachs, and six of the seven species are now listed as vulnerable or endangered.


Light pollution, commercial fishing, the theft of eggs, and hunting of adult turtles also play a part in the plight of sea turtles. You can help by participating in beach clean-ups, reducing your plastic waste, and educating others on the handling of the delicate marine life.

To learn more about how you can curb the plastic problem in your own house, join our #CrushPlastic movement.

Also while this video is very sweet, please remember that turtles are incredibly vulnerable and it is vitally important to keep your distance from nests, mama turtles, and hatchlings!