If you’re eating more plant-based foods but are still looking for a great alternative to dairy milk yogurts, we have some good news: researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain) are developing plant-based milk in combinations with probiotics fermented from grains and nuts like almonds, oats, and hazelnuts to create a yogurt that goes beyond just mimicking taste as some non-dairy yogurts on the grocery store shelves already do, but also provides many of the probiotic benefits found in traditional yogurt formulas.

While some “probiotic” and “live culture” non-dairy yogurts are on grocery store shelves already, many are made with soy, an ingredient some people avoid. By fermenting plant-based milk with grains and nuts, this successful yogurt formula discovery could mean a lot more options for vegan yogurt lovers in the future.

“The results we have obtained also show that the ‘milks’ studied are a good matrix for the growth and viability of probiotic bacteria for the lifetime of the product, especially after their intake,” said Chelo González, a researcher from Universitat Politècnica de València.

The research team may use walnuts and chestnuts to achieve similar results in the near future. Plant milks, the base of the yogurt, are high in healthy vitamins B and E, antioxidant compounds, potassium, and dietary fiber. Best of all? They don’t require harm to animals!

“Overall, the project results contribute to increase knowledge about the nutritional and health properties of vegetable milks, in view of future industrial applications to develop innovative quality products suitable both for the general public and for specific groups,” said Gonzalez.

We’ll drink to that and can’t wait to see the yogurt options that may stem from this research. In the meantime, consider making your own probiotic party with a great One Green Planet raw coconut yogurt recipe here.

Image Source: VeganBaking.net/Flickr