As a Green Monster, you probably already know most commercial pizza isn’t healthy. Too much fat and salt and other unhealthy ingredients have been added to enhance shelf life, turning what could be a nutritious meal into junk food.


British scientists analyzed 25 store-bought pizzas and found them to be:

  • High in saturated fat and salt
  • Too low in fiber, vitamins and minerals

So, they decided to develop what they call the world’s first nutritionally balanced pizza.

And yes, the pizza — marketed by food company and sold in UK supermarkets — is better for you than many store-bought pizzas (and apparently also tastes good). Some changes they made:

  • Made sure the pizza had a balanced amount of carbohydrates. They corrected the carbohydrate/fat/protein ratios and minimized the saturated fat content.
  • Added whole-wheat flour, which is good because complex carbs are the best kind for our health.
  • Reduced the salt level by using seaweed instead, which has a much lower sodium level, but still provides flavor and also adds nutrients, including vitamins A and B12, fiber, iron and iodine.
  • Added red peppers for extra vitamin C.

The product uses cheese and some of their products contain meat, so it isn’t vegan. It also doesn’t seem to be made with organic ingredients.


Healthier junk food is a good thing, but healthy pizza options already exist. You can create your own healthy plant-based pizza, and you can even create your own nutritionally balanced pizza by using whole grain flour or dough or other options, using a variety (and many) vegetables and toppings, such as nutritional yeast and herbs, and limiting any added salt. Also add some healthy fat by using ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, pine nuts and sunflower seeds but only in moderation. And combine veggies with tofu, whole grains and/or legumes. Basically, you want to try to add ingredients from each of the food groups.

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