Dogs are a lot like humans. They get a little restless when they’re hungry, they enjoy a nice treat (who doesn’t?) and most importantly, their personality and behavior changes in accordance with their upbringing and surroundings. When pups are lucky enough to have a loving and caring guardian, they grow to be happy, playful, and affectionate dogs. On the other hand, when they have to spend many years in the lonely confines of a shelter, they are more likely to become guarded, timid, and anxious dogs.

When an Imgur user visited the pound looking to adopt a dog, they met a pup by the name of Bosley. Shelter life had clearly taken a toll on Bosley. He would spend his days in a lonely kennel where he would often hide in the corner. Without play time or cuddle sessions, Bosley must have begun to think the world was a cold and cruel place.


Bosley’s body language and vacant stare reveal a timid and fearful soul. He has no idea that there’s a world of kindness right outside of the shelter door… 

That is until the Imgur user decided to give him a forever home! After some much-needed TLC, Bosley looks like a totally different pup! His eyes are now filled with eagerness and joy. 

It’s clear that this Imgur user truly loves Bosley. Recently, she baked him a dog cake for his birthday! 

She even invited all of his pup pals to come over for a day of fun. With all of this affection, Bosley has truly been able to flourish into the loving pup he was always capable of being! 



We’re so glad that Bosley is in a better place now! Unfortunately, he is just one of millions of homeless dogs who are waiting restlessly in U.S. shelters today. We can all do our part in helping dogs like Bosley find loving forever homes. We can choose to adopt and not shop. Not only are we saving dogs and making sure they don’t end up being unnecessarily euthanized, but we are making sure our money doesn’t go into supporting cruel puppy mill practices. There’s no reason to be buying dogs when there are plenty of loving pups waiting in shelters.

All image source: yolobaby/Imgur