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In Lancaster, California, a man has been caught on camera taking his two dogs for a “walk” – during which he tied one of them to his car by the leash and drove off, forcing the animal to run after the vehicle. The dog was desperately trying to keep up, while the other was running alongside unbound. The man was also seen throwing one of the dogs on the floor when the animal would not get out of the car, as well as kneeing the other dog.

The video taken next to St Paul’s Episcopal Church on Ave K by Sierra Highway was filmed and uploaded on social media by Desiree Nicole, then passed to authorities. “Once I caught up to him and told him his dog was simply not able to keep up and he was dragging her he became very vulgar and aggressive,” Nicole wrote on Facebook, completely shocked by what she had witnessed.


According to Nicole, the man explained the unacceptable incident as simply “exercising his dogs,” which he claimed to do every day. “What this man was doing was abuse/cruelty,” she wrote. “I hope me following him and reporting him will make him think twice about the treatment of these beautiful dogs.”

Despite the alarming reports, investigators claimed that the dogs had not been injured and did not see the events as abuse. Animal control is to meet with the man responsible for the animals in order to teach him “some proper pet care.” However, the problem is clearly more serious and those steps are not likely to be enough if the man thinks it is a good idea to “exercise” his animals in such a senseless and highly dangerous way.

Click here to sign a petition to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Lancaster, asking for the mistake in judgment to be corrected and for the authorities to take care of the dogs and make sure they are not abused any further!
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Image source: Desiree Nicole/Facebook