Sea lions are known to be pretty curious and friendly creatures. They gather together during certain times of the year to molt, breed and travel, and are extremely social. In fact, they are often called the dogs of the ocean! We’ve seen them jump onto boats, go exploring in the woods, and even demand belly rubs from human passersby. Sometimes, however, they stray a bit too far from the shore and get themselves into a bad situation where they are lost, don’t have food, and can’t find a warm place for shelter.

That was the case for one particular baby sea lion, who was spotted wandering around Ocean Beach in California. After receiving a call about the distressed sea lion pup, San Francisco Police officers made their way to the beach to locate the marine mammal.


After a bit of searching, San Francisco PD found the pup shivering in a stairwell. 

Tired and cold, the baby sea lion, wasted no time nuzzling up to the officers to try to regain some warmth. 

Officers named the pup, George Bison, and kept the little one company for a while to make sure he didn’t wander off into oncoming traffic. 

Since the officers did not know if the baby was fit to go back into the ocean, they contacted the Marine Mammal Center of California to come pick him up. 

While in this particular case, the officers stayed closely to the pup to make sure he didn’t get himself into any more harm, in all other circumstances the correct course of action is to stay at least 50 feet away from any wild animal you come across, and immediately call a wildlife rehabber. We’re glad that this lil’ pup is in good hands, and hope he makes his way back into the ocean really soon!

 All image source: San Francisco Police Department/Facebook