Shelters can be a really scary place for a rescue dog. Being surrounded by other frightened and panicky pups who you don’t know, and having to listen to them bark and scratch at their doors makes it really hard to settle in and feel safe – no matter how nice the people around you are. I was lucky to be rescued as a puppy and I don’t remember the shelter too much anymore, but for older dogs who have spent a long time there, it isn’t so easy.

Lana was rescued as a puppy and brought to Mighty Mutts Shelter when she was only five months old. The kind people who took her in have worked really hard to help her learn to trust people but was quickly returned to the kennel after she was adopted once. After this experience, poor Lana was still so sad and would only come out of her kennel to play with TWO people.


Doesn’t this just break your heart!

After Lana’s carepeople posted this picture of her with an urgent appeal for foster parents. Within a few days, they were able to find a nice family to take her in and in no time at all, Lana went from the sad, scared pup above … to THIS!

Now that’s more like it!

If you’re thinking about adopting or fostering a dog, do your research before deciding to dive in. Dogs want a loving forever home, and there’s nothing more painful than being taken in just to get abandoned again if the people aren’t sure. Us dogs just want to be loved and we will give you all of ours the second we meet ya – hey, that’s just how we are!

So, if you’re ready to give all that love right back to a furry friend, I highly encourage you to adopt or foster! You’ll be saving a life and making big smiles like Lana’s possible!

All image source: Mighty Mutts/Facebook