Though many may argue whether or not eating plant-based has a positive impact on health, extensive research shows there are numerous benefits to adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle. Studies have shown that within one week of adopting a plant-based diet, individuals see improved digestion, less inflammation, better blood sugar levels, clearer skin, and even experience better sleep. After all, how could eating your fruits and veggies NOT be healthy? Best of all, this type of lifestyle is not only better for you, but also for animals and the environment. Double win!

Famous Hip Hop star Russell Simmons is well aware of these benefits, as he’s been vegan for an impressive 17 years. Recently, Simmons was concerned about his friend’s health. Worried, and aware of the unbelievable benefits of being a vegan, he challenged DoBoy to eat plant-based. After doing so, he saw an amazing change and shed hundreds of pounds, and is now fully committed to staying plant-based as a lifestyle. Check out this video to see his incredible transformation for yourself.