Rupert the whippet loves completing seemingly monotonous tasks. Rupert’s mom, Janet Burton, noticed that Rupert loved to stand up and watch whatever she was working on.

“Rupert had a habit of jumping up and putting his feet up to look at what I was doing,” says Burton. “I just say ‘hop’ and he puts his feet up again. His facial expression looks like he is concentrating on the job, like he knows what he is doing.”


Like any good pet parent, Burton started taking pictures to document Rupert’s adorable mannerisms. Given Rupert’s expressiveness, she couldn’t help but make the photos even more interesting. When Rupert was only ten months old, the pictures started happening on a regular basis. Now the two and half year old boy is a pro at posing in the most endearingly regular pictures. His sisters, Amethyst and Bessie, sometimes help out.

Rupert gets lots of treats during his photo shoots and according to Burton, he loves taking part in them. Burton has come up with clever ways to have Rupert look like he is completing certain tasks, like taping a sponge to a window so it looks like Rupert is holding it up. The final result is too cute to handle!

Rupert the whippet is an expert at many things!

He knows how to change the oil the car.

Rupert is an avid reader.

He is a proficient seamstress.

And he is excellent at cleaning up around the house.

Need your driveway plowed? Rupert is on it!

Unlike many dogs, Rupert doesn’t shy away from a little vacuuming.

When he isn’t busy around the house, Rupert likes to play a good game of Tennis.

Sometimes he opts for cricket instead, though.

Rupert is truly just an all around great help with chores.

Whether it be raking or laundry …

… office work, like filing taxes …

… or some ironing, Rupert is happy to help!

Like most of us, after a long day he enjoys the finer things in life, like watching Netflix …  

… or taking a nice, hot bath. Rupert has really got life all figured out!


Though Rupert loves dressing up and posing, not all dogs are so fond of this. Your pup may not like outfits and it is important that they are comfortable during all your activities together. While Rupert’s photo shoots are hilarious, we don’t recommend that you try this with your own pup.


If you want to watch all of Rupert’s ridiculous adventures, you can follow him on Facebook here.

Image source: Rupert Whippet/Facebook