While hiking in the forest, there are quite a few animals you might expect and maybe even hope to see – squirrels, deer, foxes, rabbits, bears, birds, and so on. Well, what about a rooster? Not quite something you’d expect, right?

While Heather Bolint was hiking the Appalachian Trail, she came across one of her favorite animals: a rooster. She was shocked not only that the rooster was there but also that it had survived despite all the predators that lived in the forest. She knew the rooster needed help, so she named him Eddie and decided to carry him for the duration of her hike.

Eddie slept in the tent with Heather, amused fellow hikers, and posed for many selfies! With Heather, he also covered 42 miles and crossed through three states! He’s quite the accomplished rooster if you ask us. At the end of their journey, Heather took Eddie to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland. Because they already had an Eddie, they renamed him, Mason, since Heather found him near the Mason Dixie line.

We’re so glad that Heather stumbled upon this lost rooster and was able to not only save him but also take him on a spectacular adventure! To support Mason and his other animal friends, you can donate to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary here!

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