Picture this: four humans, six dogs, five chickens, one tortoise living under one roof. Oh, and an endless cycle of foster animals coming in. Sound like animal-lover paradise? Uh, duh!

Two pups, Roofus and Kilo, lead the team in furry adventure. Here’s the gang!!  


On the Roofus and Kilo website, Candice, expert animal lover and mom to these adorable pups, writes, “I, Candice, dedicate my days to caring for misunderstood and neglected animals, educating whomever I can on spay, neuter, rescue, and adoption, and volunteering with local rescue groups.”

After moving to Eugene, Oregon from California, Candice and her family purchased a 12-acre acre rescue ranch so they could foster and rehabilitate animals in need. They also help search for forever homes for foster friends!

We can’t get enough of them.

Who WOULDN’T want to hang with these guys!?!


Um. Can we join?

Pup and mom!

We so admire Candice’s dedication to providing these animals with a loving home. If you’d like to support her work, you can buy a calendar of these puptastic dogs. All proceeds go to building permanent kennels, improving foster room, and fencing play areas for the doggies. Go ahead. You know you want to. 365 days of cuteness! Join the 347k followers on Instagram to follow their fun and furry home!

All Image Source: Roofus & Kilo/Facebook