Remember the days of hopscotch, jump rope, tag? These childhood games were the epitome of innocent fun, plus there is a lot that children can be taught from them: fairness, healthy competition, strategy, and teamwork, all good learning lessons for kids during playtime. However, games that involve animals can be harmful in teaching our children about the value of other beings. That’s why a game gaining popularity in the Sichuan Province of China is so disturbing.

According to a report in the Huaxi Metropolis Daily, popular ring games, in which children toss rings around small animals stuffed into tiny cages, are being organized around local parks. The report states that small animals, including live rabbits, turtles, ducks, and other birds have been stuffed into tight cages in the blazing sun. Rocks are placed on top of the cages to keep them from moving as children attempt to toss rings around their cages.


Animals are targets in a ring toss game taking hold in parts of China.

Animals are placed in cages that are far too small.

While on the surface, this type of carnival game may seem harmless, such games teach children that animals simply exist for our entertainment and as such, it is easy for a child to feel as though they are entitled to use and abuse an animal in any way they please.  If we truly want to teach our kids how to respect the planet and all of its inhabitants, then we have to accept the fact that animals do not exist in order to serve or entertain humans.

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All image source: South China Morning Post