The 2016 Olympic Games are well underway and there have already been many epic and memorable moments that will go down in history. Amongst the many wins and losses from the world’s top athletes … there is one particularly memorable phenomenon surrounding this year’s games that will not only go down in Olympic history books, but we’re pretty sure the Viral Internet Sensation Encyclopedia as well (yes, we just made that up … but let’s be honest it is bound to happen one of these days! ): the ever noteworthy #PhelpsFace.

Yes, Michael Phelps may indeed have 23 Olympic medals to his name (and counting), but he doesn’t have the world’s friendliest resting/bored face.


Just take a look:

The Internet has understandably gone bananas making MEMEs with #PhelpsFace to reflect all the things in their lives that make them react in this way. So naturally, we thought that in the spirit of the Olympics, we’d take part in this game … so here are a few things that irk the stuffing out of us as Green Monsters, let’s take a look … shall we:

When someone says “But no, SeaWorld DOES care!”

Yup, that looks like a whole bunch of caring happening here – every orca needs to be used as a diving board to live a fulfilling life.

Literally just this…

Plastic: for when nature’s wrapper just isn’t enough!


Every time we meet someone who says they go to the zoo to “learn” about animals.

Yes, because observing the rare species of “highly depressed” polar bear in his natural habitat would in fact be a trip to the zoo.

When dairy-free cheese isn’t vegan. 

Really, you take everything out of it but LEAVE the casein?!

Just the mere sight of a single-use flosser. All it takes. 

Can ya please clean your teeth without killing the planet? Thanks.

Picking up a pack of veggie burgers only to find they’re stuffed with milk and eggs too.

If you take the beef out but replace it with every other animal product, that doesn’t exactly count.


When people brag about their purebred dog the just HAD to get from a breeder.

Because goodness knows, no purebred ever was up for adoption in a shelter – ever, anywhere.

That whole spiel about “Happy Cows.”

You really think they’re happy? Did they tell ya that or is this just an udder lie (hehe). 


The word “jerk” sooooo does not even cut it.


There is a very special place for people who kill endangered species just for giggles.


TBH, the list could go on and one … and on … but we’ll cut it off here, at least for now! So, Green Monsters what makes you #PhelpsFace? Tell us in the comments and we will add it to the list!