While we are teetering on the edge of a sixth extinction event, there has been an incredible amount of controversy in the media surrounding trophy hunting. Why the debate over if breeding animals in captivity just to kill them is beneficial to a species is even happening is completely beyond us – but it exists nonetheless.

However, while a vitriolic debate rages in the comment sections of the internet, Ricky Gervais has been using his cutting wit to show us just how obscene this practice really is. To him, and many of us, the idea of tracking down an endangered species, and killing it all for the sake of a selfie is ridiculous. Even the animal was old and infirm. Gervais said it best in his a recent interview with The Mirror: “Imagine if a vet said, ‘I’m going to put down your cat now. Can I do it with a bow and arrow, and then have a selfie for Facebook?’ You’d go, ‘No, you’re a f—— psychopath’.”  And yet many people still glorify trophy hunting and consider it an ‘extreme sport.


While it may seem glamorous to kill a giraffe while you sip a Budweiser and slip your quarters into The Big Buck Safari, the grizzly reality is anything but. The fact of the matter is simple there is no “sport” in trophy hunting. Hunters have high powered rifles, cars, and a team of knowledgeable – armed – assistants. The animals they hunt don’t have thumbs, let alone guns. Where is the sport in that? Gervais answers,“Well done. You managed to shoot a stationery, 14-foot peaceful creature with a high-velocity rifle. Very sporting,” Just because you’re wearing khakis and a safari hat does not mean there is anything sporting or extreme about having a someone drive you to an unsuspecting animal and shooting it.

Gervais remains a staunch opponent to trophy hunting and continues to use his celebrity to give hunters tongue lashings at every opportunity. But he does more than just tear down hunters, Gervais tirelessly struggles to build a better world for animals all across the world and just finished championing a fundraiser for the Blue Cross so the organization can continue to care for animals in need and find them the forever homes they deserve. Gervais even when so far as to tell his fans to give 10 pounds to the London animal rescue All Dogs Matter instead of buying his newest movie, David Brent: Life on the Road

Again, our hats are off to Gervais for his unrelenting commitment to bringing a dose of sanity to the world – and helping thousands of animals in the process.

Image source: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock