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Do you ever read headlines relating to how people treat animals and just want to give up all hope in humanity? Certainly, the news that a Canadian wildlife officer has been suspended for saving two orphaned bear cubs from being killed is one of these jaw-dropping, “say what?!” lines. While one might think that a wildlife service officer is employed to protect the animals that reside in their region, sometimes the best interest of the animals is not always considered. The two cubs in this situation were orphaned after their mother was shot while trying to raid a fridge filled with salmon and meat near Port Hardy in British Columbia. Bryce Casavant, the wildlife officer in question, was promptly ordered to kill the cubs as they would not be able to fend for themselves without their mother. Instead of carrying out these orders, Casavant decided to transport the baby bears to a local wildlife rehabilitation center that specializes in preparing the animals for release back into the wild. Sounds pretty logical, huh? Well, apparently not as Casavant has been suspended for his actions. The good news is that this gross injustice is not lost on the public … or Ricky Gervais. In response to this outrageous situation, Gervais took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter.

We have to agree with Gervais here, the actions that Casavant took to help these animals were incredibly honorable and because of him, these two cubs will get the chance to live in the wild as they should. The bears are young enough that they can be rehabilitated with limited interaction with humans and successfully return to their forest home.

Gervais has been a long-time advocate for animals and spoken out against all things … for lack of a better term … absolutely ridiculous that humans do to them. With the help of his fame and large twitter following, Gervais has the ability to reach an enormous audience and motivate others to act for Casavant. A petition to the Ministry of the Environment has been launched to appeal the suspension and it has already garnered over 70,000 signatures!

You can join Gervais and thousands of others in Support of Casavant’s courageous actions, by adding your name to the petition, here.