Animal lovers will go to incredible lengths to help an animal in need. We recently shared an inspiring story of a young girl who saved ten orphaned opossums, and then there was the story of the man who saved a finch who was frozen to a metal fence that left us in awe. And that includes awesome celebrities like Ricky Gervais. On Easter day, Gervais saw a distressed baby squirrel on the road by a graveyard, and even though he is currently on tour with his “Humanity” stand-up comic show, he dropped everything to help the little one!

Gervais posted a photo of the baby squirrel on his Facebook page, asking for help from his four million fans. He brought the squirrel nuts, seeds, strawberries, and pears to eat. That’s one lucky squirrel!


The squirrel seemed particularly fond of the strawberries. So sweet!

Gervais then shared a photo of the baby curled up in his hoodie, jokingly saying he was going to cancel his stand-up tour because of his new friend. Leave it to Gervais to find humor in every situation!


Thankfully, the squirrel is not injured and according to an animal rescue worker, he is old enough to survive on his own. Knowing that his pal would be okay, Gervais left his hoodie and plenty of food for, the now named, Cyril the squirrel. Cyril seems to have left quite the impression on Gervais because he tweeted that feeding a baby squirrel strawberries was the best Easter ever. We can’t argue with that!

With over four million Facebook fans and 12 million Twitter followers, Gervais never stops using his social media power for good. He’s known for posting poignant messages on Facebook about trophy hunting, the atrocities of the fur industry, and the absurdity of keeping animals in captivity. And just recently, Gervais was awarded the prestigious Lord Houghton Award for Service to Animal Welfare from Animal Defenders International (ADI) for his animal advocacy work.


Thank you, Ricky Gervais, for stopping your day to help Cyril. Remember, you should always try to contact a professional just like Gervais did before stepping in to help wildlife. Check out these hotlines for some that might help. For more tips on how to help injured wildlife, click here. It’s important to be prepared! Anyone can be a hero to animals in need. Saving one animal might not change the world, but for that one animal, their entire world is changed.

All image source: Ricky Gervais