Bear is a Labrador who lived in Shirley, New Jersy. He was kept outside with a heavy chain around his neck for 15 years of his life and was never allowed in the house. When Robert Misseri, the founder of  Guardians of Rescue heard about Bear’s plight, he rushed over to see what could be done for the suffering pup. After are short series of negotiations, Misseri brokered the dog’s release and took him to the Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue in Port Jefferson Station. You can watch the epic moment when they cut the chain off of the dog’s neck and he walks free for the first time here.  After Bear’s rescue, Misseri started to look for a proper guardian for the old dog.

And this is where the renown comic, actor, and animal advocate, Ricky Gervais stepped in. Gervais had a segment scheduled on Good Morning America to promote his new movie, David Brent: Life on the Road, but instead, he decided used his time on the show to introduce a special guest that many of us already knew – Bear, the rescued Lab. He recounted the sad story of Bear’s life and then told the audience, “I am not leaving until we get a phone call that this guy is adopted. He was chained up for 15 years… Give him a life.” Ricky lamented the fact that he couldn’t take in Bear because, unfortunately, “Bear is scared of cats,” and Gervais’ love affair with his cat Ollie is well documented.



Needless to say, after Ricky’s call to action, the shelter received thousands of offers to take Bear in and give him a new home. Gervais thanked his public for the support over Twitter stating:

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So now all that remains is for the team at Guardian Rescue to go through the giant pile of applications and pick out the best guardian for Bear. This is an incredible example of what we can do if we all come together for a good cause. We would like to thank Ricky Gervais for always using his celebrity to help animals in need. And of course, Bear’s happy ending would not have been possible without the amazing people from Guardians of Rescue.


You can thank them by making a donation. While Bear is en route to a forever home, there are thousands of dogs across the U.S. who are looking for a home of their own. If you are looking to add a dog to your family, go to your local shelter and give another pup a happy ending!

Image Source: Ricky Gervais/Twitter