When it comes to welcoming a companion animal into their lives, it’s very easy for people to get caught up with the superficial details. Some people become obsessed with getting a specific breed of dog. Others have their heart set on a young animal and will bypass any senior ones. Some prospective bird buyers may make their selection purely based on aesthetics, and will reject any birds with less-than-perfect feathers. These are the kind of thoughts that occur when people treat rescuing an animal like a shopping experience.

What some people don’t realize is that animals that have been through abuse, have a physical disability, or simply look a little different, are just as amazing as a “picture perfect” one, if not more! These sweet creatures crave affection and acceptance and often have just as vibrant and rambunctious of a personality as an animal with no “problems.” Take Rhea, for example, a featherless bird with Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. Rhea’s guardian, Isabella, fell in love with the unique birdie after seeing a photo of her posted by a local veterinarian on Instagram. She adopted the birdie shortly after, and it’s been nothing but fun times, for both parties, ever since…


Meet Rhea, the sweet bird with no feathers but tons of personality. 

She may not be able to fly because of her disease, but she loves playing and climbing outside, especially when it’s warm out. 

Or “cruising” on her bike… 

She has tons of colorful and stimulating toys to play with inside too. 


 Isabella and Rhea also play dress up. Who needs feathers when you’ve got wigs! 

…or hats… 

But her favorite activity is just riding around on mommy’s shoulder. 

What does Rhea do when it’s too cold to play? Easy, relax in her coconut cabana! 


…or curl up in a sock…

With her mom and her Yorkie sibling by her side, there’s nothing Rhea can’t do! 


Keep being the adorable bird that you are, Rhea! 



As these pictures show, Rhea is quite the charming little bird and she loves nothing more than spending her days relaxing and playing with her favorite human! Thanks to Isabella, her open mind, and her kind heart, this unique bird is loved and safe. We hope that they will spend many, many years together. 


All image source: Rhea_thenakedbirdie/Instagram