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Researchers have now linked climate change to population decline and civil unrest in Mayan civilization. The study looked at the period of population decline in the civilization between 1441 and 1461 CE and determined how it was impacted by the climate.

The study found that the 20 years of civil turmoil in the Mayan city of Mayapan was heightened by Climate change. The peer-reviewed study published in the journal Nature Communications looked at the period of population decline and found that civil unrest increased during periods of drought.

Researchers looked at archeological, historical, and paleoclimate data, including isotope records, radiocarbon data, and DNA that has been recovered from human remains over the years. They then compared these with climate data with drought records from local cave deposits.

“Existing factional tensions that developed between rival groups were a key societal vulnerability in the context of extended droughts during this interval,” said one of the authors of the study, Professor Douglas Kennett.

“Pain, suffering and death resulted from institutional instabilities at Mayapan and the population fragmented and moved back to their homelands elsewhere in the region.”

Source: National Geographic/Youtube

They found that some of the things that contributed to the instability of the Mayan civilization were that they were heavily reliant on corn, did not have great irrigation systems, didn’t have long-term grain storage, and the presence of sociopolitical corruption.

“Our study demonstrates that the convergence of information from multiple scientific disciplines helps us explore big and highly relevant questions like the potential impact of Climate change on society and other questions with enormous social implications,” said Kennett.

Cities all over the world, from California to Vietnam, are facing droughts and climate crises. Millions of people are protesting all over the world. Read more about politics and Climate change, including Manchin Restarts Talks about Climate and Social Spending Bill Previously Rejected and Climate Change Protests Take Over With Millions Continuing to Strike Across The Globe! Climate change is a top priority for young voters, and we need to care about the Green New Deal.

Climate change leads to extreme weather like droughts, floods, and fires. The single BEST thing you can do to save water is to stop eating meat and all animal products. Growing animals for livestock takes a massive amount of water. It takes nearly 660 gallons of water to just make one burger, which is equivalent to nearly two months of showering for the average person. On the other hand, it takes 1,000 gallons of water to make just one gallon of cow milk.

Studies have shown that eating more plant-based can add over a decade to your lifespan, it can save the world’s forests, it benefits the environment, and it is significantly better for your health! Nations around the world have urged people to eat more plant-based to curb climate change.

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