There are some circumstances in which many people would give up on saving an animal, but the rescuers at Hope For Paws always display the most incredible patience and compassion. That and more … including a bulldozer and an excavator, were needed in the rescue of a Pit Bull that had wandered into a Waste Management facility.

After receiving the urgent call from Waste Management, the Hope For Paws team set out on one of their most unusual rescue sites yet. As you can see in the video, the Pit Bull was literally surrounded by wood, metal, trash, and dangerous materials. This made it very difficult for the rescuers so Waste Management stepped in and helped clear a better path to reach the scared dog. Unfortunately, on the first day, the Pit Bull ran and escaped somewhere within the facility. The team of two didn’t give up though, they returned the next day to continue the rescue.

On day two, the bulldozer and excavator were used once again to help create a safer path to the scared dog and once again, he ran. However, this time he ran into a fenced in area that was able to be closed off.  After 30 minutes of reassuring the Pit Bull and allowing him to get comfortable with his rescuer, a lead was placed around his head and the mission was complete! What was most shocking was immediately after the lead was on him, it was as if he knew he was saved and what a sweetheart he turned out to be! One of the rescuers, Lisa Arturo, even named him Thor, how perfect!

Once Thor arrived at the Hope For Paws facility, he was cleaned up and pampered. He looked like a new dog! Since the posting of this heartwarming video, Thor had the happiest ending that any lost dog could have, he was reunited with his owners!

What another incredible rescue by the kind people at Hope For Paws, if you’d like to learn more about how you can help or donate, click here.