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Recently, Rancho Relaxo went to a local livestock auction (along with Goats of AnarchyFreedom Farm Animal Rescue, and Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary). Despite being involved in animal rescues for years, they weren’t prepared to witness the rampant animal cruelty displayed at the event. Many animals were sick, stressed and of course, terrified. There were many motherless baby goats, lambs, piglets, and calves and sadly, the animals were being whipped and kicked as they were auctioned.

Among many of the innocent animals at the livestock auction was Chester, a calf. As a male calf born into the dairy industry, he was deemed “useless” at birth and slotted to become a veal calf, the only way he could be profitable to the farmer. Chester was thrown onto an Amish buggy and was headed towards the livestock auction … but then his fate changed. Amazingly, Freedom Farm Animal Rescue spotted Chester and took off after him.

Thanks to the swift action, Chester didn’t even make through the auction doors! Now, instead of ending up on someone’s plate as veal, Chester will live out his days at the Rancho Relaxo, a farm animal sanctuary in New Jersey, potentially living up to 30 years instead of just a few short ones. Not only that, but Chester will become an advocate for the millions of calves still at the mercy of the veal industry.

For more information about Rancho Relaxo and to make a donation towards their life-saving work, click here.