Animal lovers can be found all across the world. It seems like no matter the culture, the region or any other difference in the country, the common love for animals can be noted everywhere. This story comes to us from India.

This pet parent was faced with a horrible situation after his puppy was injured. It was traumatic enough for this man that his fur baby was hurt, but adding to the situation was the fact that veterinary care isn’t always easily accessible. Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited stepped in to provide the care the puppy desperately needed to survive. This incredible organization specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating street dogs in India, but they are always on call to provide help for any animal in need.


This man’s puppy was run over by a motorcycle.  Luckily, he survived, but the wheel crushed his left hind paw. The puppy did his best to keep a stiff upper lip! On the other hand, his guardian is understandably distraught.

Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited stepped in to give the puppy a much needed surgery. Our canine’s guardian had a hard time letting go, but there’s no doubt the pup was in the right hands!



Unfortunately, the puppy’s leg was too damaged to be saved and vets had to amputate it. But dogs are incredibly resilient animals and there are thousands of dogs with three legs or less who are living life to the fullest!

After the successful surgery, fur-baby and fur-daddy were finally reunited in a tearful greeting full of doggy kisses and head pats. The puppy’s guardian was crying, but it wasn’t only for the reason you think…

It turns out that he was also an amputee. While it’s sad that this puppy had to have his leg amputated, he and his human now have something amazing to bond over. Every cloud has a silver lining!

 Thanks to the amazing work of Animal Aid Unlimited, this puppy will have a full life filled with love and cuddles alongside his guardian. What more can a dog ask for?

To watch the full rescue, check out the video below. Warning, it does feature some graphic images of the puppy’s surgery.



If you liked this story and would like to see more, click this link to go to a bunch more stories of Animal Aid Unlimited being awesome across the globe. You can also visit their website here. Thank you so much animal aid unlimited for helping this family! We don’t know what they’d have done without you!