Who is actually afraid of the big bad wolf? While predators are all assuming and overbearing in the realm of fantasy, the real world is strikingly different. Most predators have been hunted to the verge of extinction and this is a huge problem. Predators play an integral role in maintaining balance in the ecosystems they live in and without them, the lifeblood of the entire environment would dry up. Unfortunately, humans seem determined to ignore these facts and continue to brutalize carnivores. Foxes are one of these unlucky victims. In the U.K., fox hunts are still common practice despite the widespread condemnation of the cruel “sport.”

However, this is a happy story about a fantastic fox rescue! Fenland Animal Rescue (FAR) got a call late on February 13, 2017, from a concerned citizen about a fox was injured in a car accident. While the paramedics came for the people involved, one poor fox was left to die underneath the car. FAR’s team of rescuers scrambled into their vehicles and rushed to save this fox.


Rescuers had to use a car jack to hoist the vehicle off the unfortunate Fox before they could gently remove him from the car and take him to Best Friends Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Peterborough.

When he arrived at the hospital, the fox was sedated as the doctors tended to his superficial wounds. They also named him Mr. Fox (because his story is so fantastic).

In the morning, they began to run a battery of tests to see what was wrong with Mr. Fox.

They gave him x-rays and a CT scan and found that, miraculously, he had no neurological damage or broken bones.

So, the doctors began treating him for his cuts, bruises, and serious infection in his ear canal.


Mr. Fox is currently being transferred to National Fox Welfare Society where he will be rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

The rescue has cost £1000 ($1,243) but FAR stated in their Facebook post, “It’s our belief that money is always replaceable, but a life is not.”



This statement really resonated with us. All forms of life should be treated the reverence and respect that these rescuers showed this fox.


You can donate to FAR on their website so they can continue their compassionate work. You can also help by sharing this article with your friends so that more people can be inspired by the fantastic rescue of Mr. Fox.

Image source: Fenland Animal Rescue/Facebook