As the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China rears its ugly head yet again this June, people around the world are speaking up in outrage over the cruel event. Although many citizens in China and around the international community have displayed concern and disgust over the event – including about four million people from around the world who signed an online petition – the festival is scheduled to happen on June 21 and it’s estimated that around 300 dogs are killed every day in preparation.

Thankfully, people are not just sitting back and shaking their heads at the situation but instead are taking concrete actions to try to save as many dogs as possible.


In fact, just recently, Humane Society International (HSI) was able to rescue 34 dogs and cats that were on their way to the slaughterhouse!

The animals were immediately transferred to an animal shelter where they are being evaluated by veterinarians.


Dog meat traders keep these animals piled in cages, and within the slaughterhouses, they are subjected to terribly filthy conditions and oftentimes without food or water.

Kept in these horrible conditions, the animals were understandably fearful at first, but once realizing they weren’t in danger, they started licking HSI workers and wagging their tails. 

After some much-needed food, water, and veterinary TLC, these animals will be adopted out to loving families in China or flown to the U.S. or U.K. to start fresh.



Considering the amount of trauma these animals have been through, their road to recovery is just beginning. Still, we sure are glad they are embarking on this path and are not heading towards a grim fate at a slaughterhouse. If you would like to learn more about HSI, their courageous work, and how you can possibly help provide care for these newly rescued animals, visit their website.

All Images Source: Humane Society International/Facebook