In April of this year, Farm Sanctuary’s National Placement Coordinator Alicia Pell received a call from a woman named Rachel Nyborg. Nyborg had found one of her neighbors’ calves lying on the road with a broken leg, having been hit by a car. Sadly, Nyborg’s neighbor intended to leave the calf to die. Farm Sanctuary explained, “This is business-as-usual for producers of meat, milk, or eggs, who value their animals only for the profits they can generate. In financial terms, a calf with a broken leg was not worth saving, or even humanely euthanizing.”

But Nyborg and Pell were unwilling to accept this fate for the calf, so they quickly arranged for the baby cow to be brought to the vet.


It turned out that the calf – whom Farm Sanctuary carers went on to call Emma – had to have her leg amputated, as it was too heavily infected to be saved. Emma received expert medical care at the University of California–Davis School of Veterinary Medicine for five months, where the team “quickly fell head over heels for her.”

The sweet video above shows Emma’s arrival at Farm Sanctuary’s shelter in Orland, Cal., where the other cows were thrilled to meet her, as were the humans!

Farm Sanctuary cautions that Emma still has a long road of recovery ahead of her. However, it looks like this brave calf has now passed through the worst of her trials, and finally has a bright future ahead of her in her new home! Get well soon, Emma.