We all have bucket lists – things we want to do before our time is up – and one animal rescue organization has made it their mission to ensure that a sweet four-year-old Pit Bull also gets to do all the things he dreams of before his journey ends. King, was left at a Houston shelter, suffering from heart failure as his guardian never gave him heartworm preventative medication. Heartworms are spread by mosquitos and are a big problem in places like Houston. Due to his illness, King’s liver and kidneys have shut down and it is only a matter of time before he is gone.

Despite his unfortunate circumstances, his incredible rescuers are making sure King gets to cross the items off his bucket list, and are documenting the process. Here are some of the items King has crossed off his list:


 Get lots of cuddly kisses.

Chew your bed up; have it replaced by your humans. Repeat. 

Become a rock star.

Teach children of the importance of taking good care of your pets.

Get a front row seat to the Puppy Bowl.

Celebrate holidays early.

Start the day with your favorite treat.

Be a starting quarterback.

Play, play, and more play.

Be on TV!

Be a fashion trendsetter. 

Give and receive all the love you can.



“What I love about King is that he is as happy as today will allow him to be,” his rescuers said, “He’s not wallowing in the past. He’s not harboring resentment towards his old owner. He’s just soaking it all in, giving kisses and eating all the meat. Live in the now. Let go of the past. Be bold. Be happy.”

While King’s prognosis is terminal, it warms our hearts to know that his last days will be spent in with the ones he loves!


To follow the rest of King’s bucket list items, follow the Houston Street Dogs Facebook page.

All image source: Houston Street Dogs/Facebook