Boa Lam the Moon bear is the last surviving member of a group of 11 bears purchased by Dambri Resort in Lam Dong Province in Vietnam between 2008 and 2009. This Asiatic black bear was purchased by the owners of the resort who intended on training the bears to dance and perform as part of a circus attraction. However, when plans for the establishment changed abruptly, all 11 bears were relegated to a corner of the resort and promptly forgotten about.

Without care, the bears eventually died off, that is all of the bears, except Boa Lam. This sweet bear was left in isolation, living in squalid conditions in the lush and spacious resort, until Animals Asia intervened and arranged for her rescue.


Meet Boa Lam.

This is the enclosure that she has spent the past seven years in. As you can see, it is barely large enough for her to stand properly.

Years of standing on hard concrete with nothing to do but pace took a serious toll on Boa Lam’s feet.

This is the hauntingly empty cage where the bears were kept. Little is known about what happened to the other animals intended for the zoo, but we can only imagine their fates were similarly dismal.

Thankfully, due to the hard work of the Animals Asia rescue team, Boa Lam is off to a much better life in their sanctuary. After a medical exam, their four-day-long journey began.

The trip was long and tiring but made infinitely better for Boa Lam by all the fresh fruits and veggies – likely the first she’s seen in some time.

She got her first taste of pumpkin … and from the looks of it, she was pretty darn happy about it. 

The Animals Asia team believes she has been caged her entire life, so the adjustment to a natural, open enclosure will surely be an exciting experience for her! 


After a period of examination and quarantine, Boa Lam will likely get the chance to interact with the other rescued bears at the sanctuary. Animals Asia cares for almost 150 rescued bears in Vietnam and another 230 in China so this rescued bear is in incredibly able hands.

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All image source: Animals Asia/Flickr