In Sacramento County, California, an injured puppy suffering from head trauma was found abandoned on the side of the road. The puppy, a two-month-old baby Pit Bull named Thomas, is now safe at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter where he is receiving all necessary care. The shelter team is determined to find out what happened to Thomas and who is responsible for his condition.

Thomas was found on Peck Drive and Harley Way, near Florin in South Sacramento.

After rescue, the puppy underwent a number of tests at UC Davis that shed more light on his injury. Thomas has fragments of bone in the right hemisphere of his brain and, due to how risky it is, the issue is inoperable. The force of the injury has also damaged his right orbital socket.


After some time at the shelter, Thomas was able to stand up and he began to show a little more character. “Baby Thomas wants everyone to know he is determined to heal, grow up and live a long, mischievous life!” his caretakers wrote. “As they said, he just keeps on chuggin.”



All thing considered, Thomas’ caretakers say he is now “doing quite well and his overall prognosis is positive,” and he continues to improve. The injury, however, will have some lifelong impacts on the puppy.

The shelter team will continue to actively treat Thomas as long as he requires their special care. They are also still looking for whoever caused this puppy such pain and ask anyone with any information about the case to contact the shelter or call 3-1-1.


You can also help Thomas by making a donation to his medical care here. To learn more about Bradshaw Animal Shelter, click here.

All image source: Bradshaw Animal Shelter/Facebook