There are many things that separate us from wild animals. While many of these constructs have been invented by us – take for example our houses or formal institutions – there are also physical separations, we can’t fly or survive under water. But if rather than seeing these differences and using them as an excuse to find all the ways we are in fact unlike wild animals, we focused on the many similarities we have to wild animals, we’d find that all of the furry, feathered, and scaly species in the world share the common bond of friendship.

Being able to care for and trust another is extremely important to many of the world’s animal species. We relish in being about to share a meal or a laugh with a friend and no matter how hard humans try to ignore this, the countless animal friendships we’ve witnessed paint an undeniable picture. The world runs on friendship.


If you’re in need of some proof of this, just check out the rescued babies from International Animal Rescue (IAR)!

Budi and Gemmi were both orphaned and sold into the exotic pet trade. In the care of IAR, they’re getting over their troubled pasts thanks to friendship!

Gito and Asoka are learning to climb together – if one slips the other is sure to be there to lend a hand!

The best part of having a friend is always having someone to laugh at your jokes … and if they’re a really good friend they’ll laugh even when they’re not funny!

Have you ever found that meals just taste better when shared?

These rescued slow lorises are exploring their new environment and learning to adjust to sanctuary life – an adjustment surely made better by a familiar face!

We guess this is what they really meant by “lean on me.”

No matter what shape or size, all animals need to love and be loved.

Anyone who has had a true best friend knows that there is no stronger connection than that of a friend!



So in celebration of this amazing bond, go spend some time with your bestie – two- or four- legged and spread that love around! You can help IAR and be a real best friend to all these animals by making a donation to help their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. To learn more, click here.


All image source: International Animal Rescue/Facebook