As his name would suggest (to anyone who dug The Chronicles of Narnia as a kid), Aslan is the king of his pride of lions at The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary (home of the famous “Lion Whisperer“) in South Africa. There’s just one problem. After suffering a bite at a very young age, Aslan lost two of the four canine teeth that lions so heavily rely upon for eating.

The rare white lion was taken in by the sanctuary due to this disability, but the pain in his mouth only worsened as time went on. This caused Aslan to have not only trouble with eating, but he also developed some confidence issues. For king of the pride, that just wouldn’t do.


Fortunately, the caring people in his life made sure that Aslan wouldn’t have to endure this embarrassment any longer. Contracting with a large toothpaste company to help offset the cost of the extensive procedure needed to repair Aslan’s teeth, The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary was able to give Aslan a second chance to live his life in comfort at the sanctuary.

That should bring a big toothy grin to every conservationist’s face!