When you’re a sun bear cub named Kayla living in a sanctuary, sometimes things can get a little cray-cray. There are leaves to explore, dirt clods to capture, and tree bark to gnaw on. Oh, and don’t forget the napping on the forest floor. Seriously, a bear’s gotta have someplace to chill after a full day of hijinks.

Kayla was brought to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) after being mysteriously separated from her mother. While it isn’t known exactly what happened, poachers often kill mother sun bears in the wild in order to separate them from their cubs so the little ones can be sold as pets or to dealers in South East Asia where they’d likely be used in a bile farm.

Fortunately for Kayla, the youngest bear in residence at the BSBCC, she’s being rehabilitated at the sanctuary in the hopes that she will someday return to the wild.

How’s she faring?  Just take a look at her pictures! She’s taking to the forest like a duck takes to water. Thanks to organizations like BSBCC, sun bears don’t have to face a painful future in a cage. They can live and thrive just the way a bear should and, in Kayla’s case, do it while being impossibly cute.

Don’t even act like you can see me, I’m the best hider ever.


Sometimes, when I’m alone on the forest floor like this, I can’t help but wonder what the heck the C.K. stands for in Louis C.K.’s name. I like to think it’s Comedy King…that seems right. 

Duuuude, look at the size of that leaf cluster. 

So, you’re telling me that you see a blue and black dress, but I’m seeing a white and gold one? Whaaaat?

Mmm, you guys, <nom nom nom> you gotta try this tree, it’s got a pretty spectacular finish. Lots of oaky notes, but not too peppery.

I’m so sorry I bit you Mr. Branch, let’s hug it out.

That awkward moment when you’re trying to gnaw on a log and all of your extra baby skin scrunches up in front of your eyes.

Okay, I’ve captured this dirt clod…not sure why I did it or what I should do with it from here, but I have it.

Talk to the paw cuz the face is nibbling leaves.

People just don’t know how exhausting it can be to hunt leaves and logs and dirt all day while maintaining this level of cute. Honestly, it takes effort to be this incredible.


All image source: Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre