Several months ago, a group of sea lions washed up on Peru’s shoreline suffering from a number of injuries inflicted by humans. Some of the animals were even poisoned.


Thankfully, the Peruvian conservation group, the Organization for Research and Conservation of Aquatic Animals (ORCA) discovered the sea lions and brought them in under their care.

About 80 percent of marine mammal strandings can be attributed to humans, reports ORCA (via The Huffington Post).

It’s difficult to realize that humans play such a great part in animal suffering. If we can inflict so much pain, then it is in our hands to reverse it, and fortunately there are plenty of kind-hearted souls working to rectify the wrongs of others. ORCA is just one group of many comprised of such good Samaritans.

Under ORCA’s care and protection, the sea lion group soon became ready to be reunited with their colony.


Watch the video below to see the sea lions return home to their ocean with the help of ORCA.