With December less than a month away, the season of winter is just peeping from around the corner. For most of the United States, golden leaves will be replaced with bare branches, and the presence of grass will be hidden by a thick layer of snow. Cold, gusty days will be a daily occurrence and every morning will be a struggle to leave the comfort of our beds.

This same distaste for bitter morning air is shared by Buster … a raccoon who is just NOT having it when his human parents try to coax him out of bed. Buster is so unmotivated to leave his cozy nook that hiding his face and shaking have become his main defenses when asked to go outside. Eventually, Buster’s parents have to break out a few treats to get the little raccoon to even budge from his slumber.


Though this raccoon appears to be sweet and innocent, they should never be kept as pets. In some states, it’s even considered to be illegal to keep them in your home. As the critters grow older, they can become destructive and even aggressive. They may be cute, but please keep little Busters out of your home, and let wild animals be — well, wild.