Diamond the Pit Bull came to Fulton County Animal Services last summer, covered in painful abrasions that she has sustained from physical abuse. Despite this trauma, the sweet girl wouldn’t let her past change her loving personality and she quickly caught the attention of one of the shelter’s volunteers, Neely Conway.

“When I saw Diamond, I was immediately brought to tears,” Conway told the Huffington Post. “When I took her outside I couldn’t stop crying. This sweet animal had suffered so much, but was approaching dogs and humans with such a loving and gentle demeanor. I knew she needed to be saved.”


So, Conway took the dog’s fate into her own hands. If Diamond had stayed at the animal shelter, there was a high likelihood that she would have been euthanized. She was sick, injured, and a Pit Bull, a breed that has the highest euthanasia rate in the United States. Conway searched for a rescue group to take Diamond to no avail. She eventually wrote a blog post about Diamond and shared it on Reddit. That move changed everything for the eight-year-old dog!

Melinda McGuire saw the post not long after it was shared on Reddit. She wasn’t looking for a new dog, but the photos of Diamond caught her attention.

“All I can say was something grabbed my heart when I saw Diamond’s picture, and even sitting here now looking over at her I still feel it,” McGuire explained to the Huffington Post.

When McGuire and Diamond met for the first time, the connection was instant.


“They sat on the ground together, and Diamond just laid her head on Melinda’s shoulder. She finalized the adoption an hour later,” said Conway.

Diamond was then taken to the vet by her new mom. Her ears and lungs were badly infected, she was incredibly thin, and the skin on her sides was permanently exposed and would need extra care. Caring for Diamond’s skin required some creativity on McGuire’s part. It needed to be covered, so some new cute outfits were in this dog’s cards.

“I actually had some fabric that I had planned on making a princess costume with for my grand-baby. It was quite over the top. But I cut out a cape and head scarf, and Diamond the Diva was born,” McGuire explained. “If she had not enjoyed wearing her outfits so much then I think it may have ended that day. But I threw in a pair of the little kid’s sunglasses, and Diamond loved every minute of it.”

Diamond now has several different outfits and loves showing her own personal style. This beautiful girl went from being sad and abused to having a loving mother and an adorable wardrobe.


Diamond’s first outfits weren’t the most sophisticated, but she rocked them!

Almost immediately after donning her first outfit, Diamond accepted her diva status.

She knows that she can rock flowers in her hair and all the colors of the rainbow.

This happy girl loves it when people compliment her look.

And she is totally fine sharing style tips with her fans.

No look is too bold or too outrageous for this stunner!

She is living the life, happy and prepared for any adventure with the appropriate attire.

To see all of Diamond’s cute fashion choices, you can follow her on Facebook.

Image source: Diamond the Diva Dog/Facebook