When homeless dogs are stuck in the shelter, we think it’s safe to say they would rather be anywhere else. The cold kennel floor is no match for a bed, a quick walk outside is not the same as hours at the park, and being played with for an hour or two is simply not the same as having a forever family to call your own. Things get even more depressing when prospective adopters come through the shelter. Dogs are understandably heartbroken when they are not chosen and sadly, breeds like Pit Bulls have a harder time than most in terms of getting adopted.

That being said, when an animal realizes they are finally on their way to a forever home, their demeanor completely changes. We’ve seen dogs that were completely depressed suddenly burst with joy after realizing they were getting adopted. We’ve seen kittens express immense gratitude and love with just a powerful look. And of course, we’ve seen animals completely transform after spending time with their forever family. Take Meaty, for instance, a Pit Bull who was rescued from Fresno Bully Rescue and has not stopped smiling since…literally.


Meet Meatball, or “Meaty” – the smiling rescued Pit Bull who simply can’t contain his joy. 

Meaty 7

Since being adopted, Meaty has had nothing but fun times and is doing things he never got to do at the shelter! He gets to hang out in pajamas… 

Meaty 2

…play dress up…

Meaty 5

…practice his balancing skills…

Meaty 3

…goof around… 

Meaty 8

…and even enjoy the ocean’s breeze!

Meaty 9

Sometimes after a long day, Meaty kicks back and sips on a glass of wine. 

Meaty 11

We’re just kidding about that last one. Meaty’s parents love him too much to let him do such a thing. 

Meaty 10

Meaty has plenty of other things that make him smile and by the looks of it, he’s going to continue smiling for a while… 

Meaty 1



We’re so happy that these folks were able to look past all the negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls and give this darling dog the best gift he could have ever gotten. Unfortunately, not every Pittie is as lucky, and many of them will spend their days listlessly in a kennel, at constant risk of being put down. We can all do our part to help dispel the wrongful stereotypes about Pit Bulls by raising awareness about the true nature of these sweet pups. All dogs are individuals and deserve to be treated and viewed as such. If you agree, share this post and encourage others to give Pits a chance!

All image source: loveabulllisa/Instagram